Welcome to Pearlgate Youth Bowling (YBC).  Bowling is a wonderful sport for youth to engage in a social recreational atmosphere while also learning the values of sportsmanship and fair play in a structured environment



Pearlgate YBC is an organized bowling league that runs from September to the month of May.  You will enjoy the sport of bowling as well as have the opportunity to meet new friends each week.  Trained and certified instructors will be available to help you whether you are a beginner or trying to improve your game



To assist with the costs of the awards, trophies/plaques, year-end celebration and National Youth Bowling Canada events there are some fundraising activities during the league season.  In October, the National Fund Campaign requires the selling of a variety of case of chocolate.  Pearlgate YBC will be distributing one case per family and in order for your child to participate in any of the YBC tournaments one case must be sold with the money submitted to Pearlgate YBC before their name will be registered for the tournaments.



In addition to the regular league bowling there are numerous special events and tournaments that spread throughout the year.  Some are in-house while others go to a zone, provincial and national level. 


New this year for the 4 Steps to Stardom tournament.  This will consist of a 3-person boy’s team and a 3-person girl’s team.  Each team will consist of 1 Bantam, 1 Junior and 1 Senior.  Also bowlers in the Pee Wee Division are eligible for this team and will be competing for a Bantam spot



Contact Information:

If you have any questions regarding the complete YBC program, please contact Paradise Bowl at 726-2695  and ask the staff to direct you to one of the volunteer YBC Supervisors who will be happy to assist you.



Gayle Cave , Program Director – 745-3297