Hall of Fame nomination deadline announced


Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame

Call for Nominations – Deadline February 15, 2023


The Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame honors individuals in three categories:


  1. Those who have achieved excellence as Athletes during their competitive days;
  2. Those who have achieved excellence, both as Athletes & Builders of sport in Mount Pearl; and
  3. Those recognized as Builders of local sport clubs and associations.


This is an opportunity to recognize those in our community who have made outstanding contributions to sport, as athletes and as builders of sport. Nominations may be made by a sport group or an individual.


Deadline for nominations for the 2023 Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony is February 15, 2023. Nominations may be submitted following this link https://forms.gle/YoRJ2YWDy7zBcVk1A


For Team Honour Roll please follow



Minimum requirements for selection to the Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame


  • Three individual categories: Athlete; Builder; Athlete/Builder.
  • Candidates must be at least 35 years of age.
  • Candidates must have had a significant achievement as an athlete in a Mount Pearl sport (or elsewhere if the sport was not represented in Mount Pearl), or made a significant contribution to sport development in Mount Pearl.  This achievement or contribution shall be for a period of at least five years.
  • A candidate must have lived in Mount Pearl for at least five years, or participated in a sport in Mount Pearl for five years. 
  • Candidates must have amateur status at the time of selection, and no longer compete at their highest level.


  • Note: The Team Honour Roll is also administered by the Sports Hall of Fame Committee, and recognizes those teams that brought great honour to the community.


The Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1995. Administered by the Sport Alliance.


For more information please contact:


Call 748-6484 or e-mail mpsportalliance@mountpearl.ca


Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame Committee


Harold Stapleton, Chair

Barb Predham

Darryl Winsor

Dave Denine

Jim Bulger

Pat O'Keefe Sr