Founded in 1995 the Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame honours athletes and volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to sport in Mount Pearl. A Team Honour Roll has also been established to recognize those sport teams that have brought great honour to Mount Pearl.


Note: The Sports Hall of Fame and History Exhibit is located in the lobby of Summit Centre. Drop in and have a look. Comments are encouraged.


Scroll down for eligibility criteria for Hall of Fame and Team Honour Roll.


Deadline for nominations is October 31 each year.



Hall of Fame Inductees/Members


Download Adobe here to view the Hall of Fame Member profiles.  Click on names for a bio of each inductee.




Charlie Adams

Wayne Andrews

Julie Fiander

Bill Fitzgerald

Pat O’Keefe Sr.

Dave Penney

Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Folkes

Barbara Predham

Evan Ash (d)

Karen Baggs

Wayne Gollop

Ian Graham

Sam Pretty (d)

Dave Randell

Raeleen (Dunne) Baggs

Jim Grant (d)

Linda Randell

Neil Barnes

Angus Barrett

Robert Hillier (d)

Dian Hogarth

Gerry Reddy

Mac Rideout

Harry Bartlett

Dave Holloway (d)

Bruce Rogers

Bernie Bennett (d)

Mary Holloway

William (Bill) Royle (d)

Paul Boland

Keith Howse

Everett Russell

Betty Brett

Herb Jenkins

Terry Ryan Jr.

Joy Budden

Don Kelly

Doug Smith

James Bulger Dave LeGrow (d) Rod Snow

Brenda Butt

Dan Maher

Cindy Sooley

Joan Burry

Janet Elaine Maher (d)

Gary Sooley

Ralph Chapman

Brian Maloney Bruce Styles

Tols Chapman

Austin Martin

Gerry Taylor

Charlie Chaytor

Albert Clarke

Gary Martin

Walt Mavin

Wince Taylor

Joe Wadden

Don Coaker

Neil McLeod

Tom Walsh (d)

Derm Connolly

Brian Cranford

Michael Mooney

Erwin Mosbacher (d)

Keith Welsh

Reg White

Gerard Curtis

Sherry Morrissey

Gerald Whitty (d)

Dave Denine

Andrew Moyst

Darryl Williams

Nellie Devereaux (d)

Ed Moyst

Neil Windsor

Esther Dooling

Ralph Neil

Robert Wood

Ben Dunne

Gerry O'Brien


Ed Evelly

Pat O’Keefe Jr.





(d) - deceased
















Team Honour Roll 


Download Adobe here to view Team Honour Roll profiles.  Click on team name for story.


1947 - Mount Pearl Tennis Team

1973 - Mount Pearl Men’s Softball All-Stars

1975 - Mount Pearl Legion Senior Men’s Basketball Team

1996 - Pearlgate Bantam Boys Youth Bowling Team

1986 - Mount Pearl Junior Blades Hockey Team

1990 - Mount Pearl Girls U16 Soccer All-Stars

1992-1995 Mount Pearl Sr. High Boys Basketball

1976 - Mount Pearl Daily Queen Junior Baseball Team



Nomination Criteria


Sports Hall of Fame


Individuals may be nominated in one of three categories:


1. Athlete - Those who have achieved excellence as athletes during their competitive days;

2. Athlete/Builder - Those who have achieved excellence, both as athletes and builders of sport in Mount Pearl; and

3. Builder - Those recognized as outstanding builders of local sport clubs and associations.


Minimum requirements...


  1. Candidates must be at least 35 years of age
  2. A candidate must have lived in Mount Pearl for at least five years, or participated in a sport in Mount Pearl for five years
  3. Candidates must have had a significant achievement as an athlete in a Mount Pearl sport, or in a sport outside Mount Pearl if the sport was not existent in Mount Pearl; or made an outstanding contribution to sport development in Mount Pearl. The achievement or contribution shall be for a period of at least five years.
  4. Candidates must have amateur status at the time of selection, and no longer be competing at their highest level of play.



Team Honour Roll


Minimum Requirements...


1. The team must be comprised of at least two members


2. The team must have had an association with Mount Pearl


3. The team must have achieved significant accomplishments in their sport


4. The team must have won at least one Provincial Championship at the highest level at which the team is eligible to play.


5. The team must be “retired” from their sport a minimum of three years,  unless there is an extraordinary reason for their inclusion.



To nominate an individual or team please go to the "FORMS" section on this website and click on "Nominations Forms" or contact the Sport Alliance office or 748-6489.


Questions: Please contact the Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee Chair, Harold Stapleton, with any inquiries:



Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee...


Harold Stapleton (Chair)

Barbara Predham

Brian Maloney

Jim Bulger 

Pat O'Keefe Sr.

Paul Dube    

Darryl Winsor